When you enter our practice and Evergreen Optical Carnegie, you will be welcomed like a guest in our house. Each time you visit, you will be greeted by our same team of professional and friendly staff. We all enjoy what we do and it is with great pride and true delight that we are able to attend to your optometric needs.

At our practice, we have a particular emphasis on clinical and diagnostic optometry. With meticulous attention to detail and mindful consideration of your needs, our primary goal is to treat your eye condition and develop a plan to preserve and improve your eye health. Our practice is equipped with the latest 3D Optical Coherence Tomographer, retinal camera, corneal topographer, anterior eye camera, infrared meibographer and automated perimeter.

Our on-site lens lab has a state-of-the-art patternless edger allowing for quicker service and improved quality. Rimless glasses can be customised and fitted on site with unparalleled detail and accuracy.