1 Hour Glasses

Whether you have just broken your glasses or just can't wait to have your new ones, at Evergreen Optical Carnegie we have an onsite lens lab which allows prescription glasses to be made with high-level precision and finish within an hour.* 

In 2012, we updated our lens lab with the Essilor Mr Blue edger, a state-of the art patternless edger that is rarely used in optometric practice but more commonplace in high-scale commercial labs.  With cutting-edge innovation, the Mr Blue brings the following benefits: 

  • automatic binocular tracing in 3 dimensions
  • high-precision cycle with groove profile measurement
  • advanced high base fitting
  • automatic centering and improved precision for unifocal, progressive, bifocal and executive lenses
  • optical centre detection for increased accuracy for lenses from -20.00 to +20.00 D Sphere and cylinder measurement from -6.00 to +6.00 D
  • lens shape modification and customisation
  • simultaneous tracing of the front and back surfaces of the lens
  • 3-D bevel profiling with adjustable groove width and depth settings
  • customised adjustment of the drilling angle, through holes, non through hole and notches
  • glass, plastic, composite edging: mediumand high-index, polycarbonate, polishing.  

*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to prescription availability. Additional costs may apply to Express Service.

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