Thank you to all our patients and customers who make coming to work such a pleasure each day. At Evergreen Optical Carnegie, we are a local small business. Our goal is always to provide our very best product and service to meet and exceed our patients’ expectations.  It’s also our goal to continue improving. That’s why we value your feedback.

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East Malvern

Thank you so much because you saved the sight in my husband’s left eye.

We cannot speak more highly of everything you and your staff have done for us. It was your immediate actions that saved his sight. He has read the paper every morning since he could read and now because of you he will keep reading the paper for many years to come.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional and caring manner you and your staff have shown our family

5 Mar 2011



Thank you for your patience in making the improvement to my several paris of glassess. When I tried them, I noticed the difference immediately. as you were busy with a client I was unable to thank you personally.

I have been wearing them a few weeks now and find them much improved and very comfortable. 

In particular. the bifocal sunglasses have been very beneficial as I have recently had the conjunctival graft.

With grateful thanks for your expertise.

21 Jan 2013


East Malvern

Should have gone to Spec Savers???


  • Advice excellent!

  • Service brilliant!

  • Eyes love them!

The eyes have it.

So support Evergreen Optical!

11 May 2014